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 Stutter Interrupted
The Comedy Special

Nina G's first comedy Special, "Stutterer Interrupted" debuts on streaming platforms in October 2023. Directed by Gina Chin-Davis, this movie is a first of its kind!  

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Movie Trailer (some adult language and subjects-but bleeped):

Other Promos for Stutterer Interrupted:

What people are saying about Nina G: Stutterer Interrupted:​


"Better to laugh with us than at us."

Jim Lebrecht, co-director of the Oscar nominated documentary, Crip Camp


“This film shows Nina G as a powerful changemaker. From her high school years collaborating with faculty to get her needs met as a stuttering student with dyslexia to her gifts as a talented storyteller and stand-up comedian, Nina G is transforming society’s view of disabled people one stage at a time.”

Beth A. Haller, Ph.D., author of Disabled People Transforming Media Culture for a More Inclusive World (Routledge, 2023).


“Lifting up the voices of women who stutter is extremely important, especially because it is rare to see us represented in popular culture. I've grown up only seeing mostly white men on screen, thinking there are not a lot of women out there who share similar experiences. It was not until I started Proud Stutter that I realized there are so many women who stutter and we all deserve to be heard.”

Maya Chupkov, founder of Proud Stutter, an advocacy nonprofit and podcast

“The first time I saw Nina perform was at an open mic in a hallway leading to restrooms. She didn’t just do her time. She got laughs… with a stutter. Years ago comics mocked stutterers. Nina never backed down, often mocking the mockers. I was impressed once again by her knowledge of standup history. She’s funny, smart and strong. I’m a fan.”

Ritch Shydner, comedian and author of Kicking Through the Ashes: My Life as a Stand-up in the 1980s Comedy Boom.

Upcoming events:

October 9: Off Nite-San Jose

October 14: The New Parkway Theater-Oakland

“One of the reasons I started Punchline Records was to help amplify comedic voices that may have otherwise been marginalized. Funny is funny. Nina G is one of the funniest – stuttering or not.”―Matthew Layne, Punchline Records 

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