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Stutter Interrupted:

The Comedian Who Almost Didn't Happen

“Whip smart, big hearted, and laugh out loud funny. Stutterer Interrupted is a must read for anyone who cares about building a more equitable and inclusive world.”

---Jonathan Mooney, Author of Normal Sucks and Learning Outside the Lines

“‘How can some pauses and a few extra syllables take control of a person’s life?’ Nina G tackles this question with a style that is both deliciously profane and skin-wide-open self-revealing. Stutterer Interrupted speaks to the successful lives we can build if we embrace our idiosyncrasies and help others do the same, rather than seeing ourselves as broken and needing repair.”
―Barry Yeoman, freelance magazine and radio journalist

“Stutterer Interrupted made me guffaw, snort with laughter, and very verklempt. Nina G keeps it real and f*cking funny as she describes how she found and valued her voice and the people who helped along the way. For anyone who hungers for self-acceptance, community, and a sense of pride,

this is the book for you.”
―Alice Wong, Founder and Director, Disability Visibility Project

“We live in a society that constantly tells us to fix our imperfections. Why, then, would someone who stutters choose to put their imperfection out on display rather than get it fixed? Nina G provides us with the answer to this question in her delightful book, which offers candid insight into her journey of struggle and self-acceptance. Her book is a refreshingly honest look at how a person with a stutter can choose to become comfortable with herself, reject society’s notions of what is acceptable of people with disabilities, and forge a successful path for herself. It is an inspirational, heartwarming tale.”
―Pooja Vijay, stand-up comedian and PhD candidate

“Vivid, frolicking stories that tumble over each other as we see the career of a stuttering comedian being built before our very eyes. Starting off much like a comedian would, at a fast-paced, punchy clip, the writing flows easily from anecdotal to introspective.”
―Holly Shaw, author of The Creative Formula and

host of the podcast Performers & Creators Lab

“Nina G uses humor and rich storytelling to describe the moment when she wanted her space back. The shame and stigma of stuttering can lead to a belief that we deserve to be silent. Stutterer Interrupted busts that stigma wide open and tells us that it’s sometimes okay to be loud and proud.”
―Pamela Mertz, host of Women Who Stutter: Our Stories

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